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January 28, or old style January 15, 1918 the Council of People's Commissars, which in fact is the government of Soviet Russia, a decree on the organization of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army (Red Army). We can assume that from that moment begins the story of the famous festival.
In 1919, the holiday was celebrated as the anniversary of the "Decree on the establishment of the Red Army" in 1920 and in 1921's holiday was celebrated at all. February 23, 1922, he receives the official name - the Red Army Day. Subsequently the date of the feast is often varied, it could fall at the end of January, sometimes tied to Sunday. Date of February 23 has been returned and is assigned to the tenth anniversary celebration in 1928.
In 1938, changes are made in the history of the origin of the holiday. From this point it is no longer associated with the "Decree on the establishment of the Red Army." According to the new version in February 1918, they were stopped by the troops of the German invaders at Pskov and Narva, with the result that they could not go to Petrograd. This memorable day was repulsed the troops of imperialism, was considered day of creation of the young Red Army.
However, in order from the 1942 wording was again changed. It stated that in 1918 a young Red Army for the first time entered the war, completely defeated the Germans at Narva and Pskov. That is why the date of February 23 was considered for the Red Army's birthday. Since this year the holiday was called "Day of the Soviet Army and Navy."
Last Soviet interpretation of the origin of the festival appeared in 1951. In the "History of the Civil War in the USSR," it pointed out that in 1919, celebrated the first anniversary of the entry of peasants and workers in the Red Army, forming part of the new army, the mobilization of workers in the defense of the Fatherland.
In 1995, in the Russian Federation beyond the federal law "On Days of Military Glory." In this new document, the holiday becomes a long name Day of Red Army's victory over the Kaiser troops in Germany in 1918 - the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland.
In 2006, the most recent changes made in the name of a memorable day. The first part is completely curtailed, and the notion of "protector" now reads in the singular. From that time until the present day is the official name of the holiday "Day of Defender of the Fatherland." Since 2002, February 23 is a day of decision of the State Duma.
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