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Why dream of a river? Esoteric Dream Interpretation

The interpreters of the dream book considered dreamed river as a symbol of the passage of time. If you dream of smooth and calm surface of the river, and the dreamer's life is going to be measured and nesuetnoy. Stormy River dream promise some momentous events that happen to a person in the future. Go for a swim in the cold river in a dream, then, have some problems with the law in reality.

According to the esoteric dream book, it represents the high water coming trouble. Dreamed flood says that all the dreamer's ambition to be "washed" intrigues and antics of his envious and detractors. In the dream, feel the warm river water touches the feet, then get in real life some fateful gift. If the dreamer in his dream enters the river, in his life begins a new period.

I dreamed of a river. Dream Miller

Gustav Miller is confident that calm and smooth the surface of the river in a dream promises a heady joy and tempting opportunities teshuschie welfare dreamer. If the river - murky and turbulent, then in real life expect misunderstandings, quarrels and bickering in a particular area of life. If the path is blocked by the dreamer river spill, the reality is coming troubles related to professional activities. Often such dreams and say that sleep soon undermine his reputation in the community because some of their daring escapades.

If the dreamer is swimming in the clean and clear river water, but sees at the bottom of the river drowned people, in reality it will have to part with good luck and happiness for an indefinite period. Dried river in a dream means the approach of sorrow. There are conflicts in the family, which will lead to the divorce process. Swim in dirty and muddy river, then burn your life left and right. It should stop and clean up its act before it is too late! This interpretation of "river" dreams gives Gustav Miller.

Women dream interpretation: what dreamed of a river?

If his dream enjoy smooth surface of the river, and see in it a reflection of their own, then in reality we can safely expect a happy news. Often this dream and signals an improvement in material well-being. If you had a dream, as an overflowing river, the reality in the life of a sleeping possible minor family problems. If the river prevents the dreamer to get to the other side, in his real life coming challenges in a professional field.
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