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  • An old PC to MS-DOS and Windows.
To study the history of Windows should remember the creation of Microsoft. Name of Windows is inextricably linked with the name of multi-billion dollar corporation that owns the rights to sell this software worldwide. Windows development began in 1980 in the United States. The owners of a small company called Micro-Soft (translated to English means- "Micro-Soft"), Paul Allen and Bill Gates engaged in the process of developing software for the first computer appeared. Their successes are interested at IBM, Corp., the market leader in electronic devices of the time.
In the summer of 1980 a meeting of Micro-Soft with the IBM. People at IBM told about the plans of the corporation to build personal computers and have expressed interest in buying products such as Basic, Fortran, Cobol. But the main result of the meeting was an order by IBM at the development of the operating system for a new computer, ie program - chief, handing out the powers of the other routines. Since work began on the creation of IBM PC, PC shook and changed the world.
The company named its new operating system, MS-DOS, which means Microsoft Disk Operating System (Microsoft Disk Operating System). 1981 was released the first IBM PC running MS-DOS.
If you find and turn on the computer, released in those years, you'll see a blue or black screen with a blinking cursor, waiting for command input. Operating system MS-DOS has been very successful, but to master it was quite difficult. It was clear that the priority should be to improve the ways of working with the operating system.
While Micro-Soft - already renamed to Microsoft without a hyphen - have worked on a number of tasks for the development of the graphic modules for Basic and graphical user interface for computers manufactured by Xerox. In late 1982, he had the idea of constructing a graphical user interface for text MS-DOS.
The release of the first Microsoft Windows was announced at Comdex November 10, 1983 g, but the operating system was released in the autumn of 1985. Final version appeared November 20, 1985, her appearance overturned all the stereotypes about working with the operating system of those years. Windows 1.0 was first envisaged to use the mouse to navigate the system, as well as a variety of functions and applications: MS-DOS file manager, calendar, calculator, notepad, clock and programmu- organizer. The demand for a new product was so high that the next version of Microsoft hired to work 55 programmers in one year.
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