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Considerable importance on human health has a genetic factor. The presence of hereditary diseases or predisposition to them, the constitution of the body, overall health, the immune system, particularly the body's reaction to certain changes in the environment - all of this is given to man from his parents and grandparents.
Ecology can also affect human health. Unfavorable natural environment can cause a wide variety, including incurable diseases, significantly weaken the human immunity, cause fertility disorders. The composition of the air and water may include dangerous substances, which cause heavy damage to the body.
Lifestyle can also affect human health. On how seriously it relates to their own habits, may depend on the general condition of the body. Proper nutrition, physical activity and timely treatment to the doctor a positive impact on health. A harmful attachments, intemperance in eating, low mobility, smoking and alcohol abuse is gradually killing the person.
In fact, as will be healthy people, affected by the state of medicine. In countries with well-developed health sector people are less likely to suffer from various diseases because they have the ability to obtain timely, quality medical care. In regions where there are difficulties with medical care, found more sick and disabled.
Total social situation to a large extent also affects human health. The poor have to limit yourself to the essentials. They are unable to fully care for their health, acquire quality products, fully relax and buy the necessary medicines.
The emotional state of a person affects his health. Because addiction is often nervous and excited at the most insignificant occasions people at risk to get various diseases. On the contrary, calm, balanced person live longer and enjoy good health. What matters is not only the look of a man on the outside world, but also with some level of stress he faced when communicating at home and at work.
Injuries and dangerous way of life can cause health undermined. For those people whose work or hobby is not associated with high risk, a stronger body. Various accidents can have undesirable consequences, including death.
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