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You will need
  • - a computer;
  • - Application Windows Sadebar.
Mouse over Sidebar and click the right button. In the Show menu, select "Add a mini-application". You can also use the special "+" button at the top of the panel. The panel, as a rule, all located on the desktop in the right window, so the search for no problem. You can vary it is only a form, as there are many types of side panels for operating systems.
In the list that appears, select the application and press enter or double click the left mouse button on the application. You can also just pick up and drag the item. If you require an application is not listed, use the search engine. Enter the program name in the search box - the panel immediately offer options. Search parameters can be set. To do this, click on the arrow next to the search field and enter the desired parameters. For example, put a "tick" next to "newly installed applications" and click on the "Search" button.
To remove the mini-programs from the Windows Sidebar, click on the application area, right-click. Later in the drop-down list, select "Close mini-application". Press the desired name on the application, which must be removed from the general list. You can delete an application, add, edit parameters.
Windows Sidebar is very easy to use. You can customize the gadget is on the operating mode you want. Well, if you want to relax, turn on a slide show, or spread out the puzzle. In general we can say that the side panel helps the user to adjust for the additional parameters. It is also worth noting that for this application on the Internet is constantly spread new gadgets. If you want to work more comfortably with Sidebar, do not forget to look to the Internet to view the updates.
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