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Start the meeting with a friendly handshake. This will show the client your willingness to start effective cooperation.
Introduce yourself first and then find the name and surname of the client. At the beginning of counseling is not to learn too much unnecessary information.
Create a secure environment for the client. Most often a person comes to a counselor with a sense of fear and excitement.
Take on the role of the active side. Try the first to ask questions of concern to the client. Avoid questions with a definite answer, it may cause the client to a standstill.
Familiarize yourself with the structure of the client consultation procedures. At the very beginning decide the time frame.
Ask the client on whose initiative he went to the reception. It is to find out the feasibility of meetings.
Show the customer that each of your meeting can bring huge benefits.
Encourage all forms of openness client. No one but can not solve problems but himself.
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