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The procedures for the recovery of nails

Of course, after you remove the Naroscheny nails in the salon, the master may offer you the procedure for improving nails - sealing. Roughly speaking - is a special polishing with substances that are rubbed into the nail plate, as if glued nail scales. This nail plate is becoming more well-groomed and shiny. Sealing helps to avoid the pain that often accompanies the removal procedure of extension nails.

Also in the salon you can offer nail Biogel. This procedure allows you to protect your nails and give them some time to recover. By the way, in some beauty salons you can offer special facilities that you can put on your own nails.

Restoring nails at home

How to restore your health after a nail build
Of course, the salon treatments are effective, but there are also one drawback - they are quite expensive. But there are affordable ways to restore your nails after a build-up. First of all you need to train yourself to cut the nails grow back, since they are brittle and thinning.

An excellent tool for restoring nails are baths with sea salt. Makes them very simple - a glass of warm water, take a teaspoon of salt, three drops of lemon juice or any essential oil. Fingernails must be kept in a bath of about fifteen minutes, then carefully wipe and massage with olive oil, sea buckthorn oil or peach - what you prefer.

Another original means for nails - potatoes, it was used even our great-great-great-grandmother. Boil the potatoes, mash and apply it on your fingers. It is important to ensure that the potato was not too hot not to burn your fingers and do not damage your nails even more. Then place the hand in a plastic bag and keep it until the potatoes have cooled, then rinse hands and brush with cream. Berry Mask Nail has a strengthening effect. Simply mash berries and mush put on your nails.

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