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International Day of Solidarity of Journalists decided to celebrate every year on September 8. It was established at the IV Congress of the International Organization of Journalists, held in 1658 in Bucharest. This organization is the largest and oldest association of professional journalism in the world.

This date was not chosen by chance. On this day in 1943 he was executed an outstanding Czechoslovak journalist and writer - Julius Fucik. He was the founder of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, and during the Second World War was a member of the liberation movement, for which he was arrested by the Gestapo. In the dungeons of the Prague prison he wrote a world famous book "Reporting with a noose around his neck", later translated into 70 languages. After his death, Julius was awarded the International Peace Prize.

On the day of solidarity of journalists around the world are members of the media conventions, conferences and ceremonies. In these activities attracts journalists from all over the world to meet with colleagues and friends, to share experiences, skills, and achievements.

Quite often organizes charity events and concerts dedicated to the memory of fallen journalists. All proceeds from these activities are usually transmitted to the bereaved families. In concerts involved many prominent musicians and performers. In our country, for example, September 8 held a concert in memory, which is organized by the Union of Journalists of Russia and the Moscow State Conservatory.

In addition, the International Day of Solidarity of Journalists awarded the Pulitzer Prize - one of the most prestigious awards in the field of American literature, journalism, music and theater. Traditionally, it takes place in New York at Columbia University.

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