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Milk comes from a woman a few days after birth, before the stands colostrum. Moreover, it can happen quite unexpectedly - in the evening still had nothing, and in the morning woke up with a big juicy breasts. If the birth is not near the first and attentive doctor who will explain everything and show you what to do, they can cause discomfort, pain, and problems with feeding your baby, as he is not yet strong enough for the active sucking. In this case, we must necessarily develop breast and express milk - this can be done by hand or breast pump.
Breast Pump is also required if the woman produces more milk than the baby eats to avoid congestion in the chest, which can lead to mastitis. Or, if the young mother is not constantly with the child, and studying or working, and that the baby did not translate to artificial feeding, pumping - great.
Previously we express milk hands, and there are still adherents of this method, arguing that it is most effective and convenient than using a breast pump. Still, at this method, there are drawbacks - poor performance and quite time-consuming.
Choosing breast pumps are now very large. There are handmade, the essence of which express milk by continuously pressing the lever / pear and electric - powered by batteries or network. Manual breast pumps are inexpensive, they can be used anywhere - they are compact, quiet, but we need to look at the model. Particular attention should be paid to the pad on the chest - better when it is silicone and well creates a vacuum that increases the efficiency of the device. Electric breast pump easier to use - just fix it properly and click, pumping intensity can be adjusted.
Recently it appeared electronic breast pumps, which can be programmed and they will work in comfortable for women mode - while exhibiting pumping time, intensity and a certain rhythm.
There are also breast pumps that are just 2 pads on the chest, ie You can express two breasts at the same time, it is convenient, because It accelerates the process.
When choosing a breast pump, pay attention to the presence of the milk container since they keep it well before the next feeding. See also, to all the parts is easily removed and washed, and could still be subjected to a heat treatment - boiling. Conveniently, when a breast pump is attached to the baby bottle - express milk, put the nipple and feed the baby. Some manufacturers make their devices in extra handy little things - stand, bag storage, etc. All this is not necessary, and you may never need it, but some make their choice because of it.
Which to choose a breast pump, everyone decides for himself, based on their preferences and financial capabilities. Besides, it can not require you to do if you have no problems with the first decanting, and you plan to be around all the time with the child. Who is feeding practices at the request of the child, and if he has a good appetite, the stagnation in the chest nestrashen you too.
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