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Varieties taboo vocabulary

Among the subspecies taboo vocabulary can be considered sacred taboos (in the recitation of the name of the creator in Judaism). Anathema to the recitation of the names of the intended game during hunting refers to the mystical taboo reservoir. For this reason, on the threshold of a bear baiting is called "master", and the word "bear" derived from the phrase "charge of honey."

Obscene language


One of the most important kinds of taboo language is obscene or warlike vocabulary in common - mat. From the history of the birth of Russian obscene language are three basic versions. Proponents of the first hypothesis argue that the Russian obscenities originated as a legacy of the Mongol-Tatar yoke. That in itself is debatable, given that most obscene Slavonic roots go back to the basics. According to the second version of abusive tokens once we had several lexical meanings, one of which eventually superseded all others, and was assigned to the word. A third theory is that the once warlike vocabulary are themselves a significant component of occult rites of pre-Christian period.

Consider the example of lexical metamorphosis most iconic language. It is known that in ancient times "poherit" meant "cross crosswise." Accordingly, "by a dick" called cross. Turnover "all went on dick" coined the ardent supporters of paganism. Thus, they want Christians to death on the cross, by analogy with their own god. Needless to add that nynezhivuschie language users use the word in a completely different context.

The battle has also played an important role in the ceremonies and rituals of pagan origin, usually associated with fertility. In addition, it should be noted that the majority of abusive tokens abounds conspiracy to death, disease, omens, etc.

It is known that many of the lexical units that are considered abusive today, those were not up to the 18th century. It was a perfectly ordinary words for part (or particular physiological structure) of the human body and not only. Thus, the pre-Slavic «jebti» originally meant "beat, strike», «huj» - «needle pine tree, something sharp and biting." The word "pisda" was used to mean "urinary organ." Let us remember that the verb "blyaditi" once meant "rant, lie." "Bluditi" - "to defraud the way" and "unlawful cohabitation." Later, both the verb merged.

It is believed that before the invasion of Napoleon's troops in 1812, warlike vocabulary is not particularly in demand in society. However, as it turned out in the process, non-statutory treatment differed much greater efficiency in the trenches. Since the mat was the confidence to take root as the primary form of communication in the army. Over time, the same officer stratum of society popularized obscene language to such an extent that it has moved into the category of urban slang.
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