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Officially of iOS 6 has not yet emerged, but software developers, and everyone have to download from the website of "pre-release" and to evaluate the change in the composition and functionality of the new OS. In August there were reports that in the next release suddenly became applications to work with the rollers placed on the popular video sharing YouTube. Operating systems, Apple's app is present in all versions since 2007.

On questions of journalists developers and Apple representatives gave a laconic answer - the company over the license to use this service in their designs, and it will not renew. As an alternative to the future users of the system are encouraged to use the standard browser Apple - Safari. In addition, the company from Cupertino has reported that Google is developing a new application for work from YouTube. When the application is ready, it will appear in the App Store - the built-in store operating system iOS.

Google is the owner of the service YouTube, so remarkable looks and the fact that the new version of Apple's operating system had no place to another application of the company - Google Maps. Instead, the "Yabloko" shelled out for the creation of a completely new Maps with its own mapping application from Apple. It provides a navigation "turn by turn" and plan views (Flyover).

In view of this change, and from the experts the impression that the Cupertino-based company focused on getting rid integrated into its own product development, Google. Perhaps this is due to the diversification of the activities of Google, which has now taken and the creation of mobile devices, which leads to increased competition between the two companies.

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