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What is the pre-wedding photo shoot:

  • Good to know and meet your future wedding photographer. After all, he will hold with you a day of your wedding. Therefore, this acquaintance - an important point. If suddenly you do not like it, then you will be able to change the wedding photographer to another professional.
  • Learn and understand what it is - to be on camera. This is a chance to be liberated and to train with your second half work on the camera.
  • Of course, fill up your future family album with beautiful, fresh and vibrant pre-wedding photos.
  • Cycling photos at the ceremony. You can make a slide show, create a whole video or print wedding banner. And also you can use a photo as your wedding invitations.

The image shooting

You can choose something original. But it is better to observe the traditions and not to experiment.

The bride can wear a favorite dress and comfortable shoes with heels screwed beautiful ringlets, make a natural makeup.

The bride, in turn, can wear a nice shirt to match the bridesmaid dresses, formal trousers or jeans.

Tips and Ideas

Pre-wedding photo shoot is preferably carried out in the summer, late spring or early autumn, when the weather is still warm and had all the flowers and the beautiful scenery around.

Ideas for a photo shoot:

  • picnic
  • rink
  • The first meeting
  • Boat trip
  • Tea Party

At the time, as you will have to take photos, try to forget about it and be natural and relaxed.

And you need a photographer

If you have no funds for a professional photographer, you can easily ask your friends, relatives or relatives to pick up the camera. But remember that this will affect the quality of your photos that do not catch up with professional photos.

To disclose and share my sincere emotion, better smile for the camera, and then the images will turn out beautiful, memorable and best. Be yourself and keep your other half, which can also be shy. Try to forget that you removed. Give a relaxed casual atmosphere. And then the shooting will take place quickly and easily.

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