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The whole procedure of facial peels is that the expert beauticians gently removes the top layer of your skin. It consists of the already dead cells. Technology moves at a tremendous speed, and do not allow your skin to age. With the peeling skin is updated much faster than it does naturally. The sebaceous glands and pores become clogged with old skin, and peeling in one session does what skin naturally makes a month. Peeling encompasses work with special means, composed of acid and concentration.

Peeling for men and women

It is not strange, but nature has provided for men natural exfoliation. This procedure is shaving face that men perform every day. With shaving, they remove the outdated skin, and she looks much younger, ingrown hairs are removed. But for women peeling invented beauticians. Each salon is required to apply the procedure as a basis for further work with the skin. Before applying the anti-aging and tightens creams and masks, the wizard treats the skin with a peeling.

Although the safety of the procedure, it is desirable to carry out the peeling at the beauty salon to a specialist first assess the security of peeling for your skin type. Included in the assets acid should approach your skin and do not have a negative reaction.

Impacts peeling skin

Depending on the degree of impact on your skin surface, medium or deep peel, you can also choose the way of peeling effects. Consider the type of skin and its features.

If you are exposed to the chemical in the course of various acids. Some of them are: salicylic, glycolic, pyruvic, citric and malic acid, plant enzymes are used to remove the horny layer and are completely safe for use in the home. With regard Kojic, phytic, azelaic, retinoic acid help remove dark spots on the skin. Using them at home, you can hurt your skin. With the help of ultrasound and laser effects, you can make a peeling at the beauty salon, completely painless and very quick.

Peeling your home

Follow some rules before the peeling procedure:

- Do not peel for acne;

- Do not hurt the first treatment for peeling face, Solarium, sunlight;

- Do not use peeling skin around the eyes and eyelids, lips;

Making peeling in the home, consult with a specialist about possible negative consequences.

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