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Even if your work is not connected to the computer and you are printing only at home for personal use, fast, the so-called "blind" set better for your health. The fact that printing with an eye on the keyboard, you will much strain your eyes (the eyes "jump" from one object to another) and spine (constant slope can cause scoliosis). All of this is an additional reason for the rapid development of ten-print method.
To learn the technique to touch typing, you need to pick up a special program that will be useful to you. Their choice today is very wide. The most popular - "Solo on the keyboard", "All 10», Stamina.
The essence of these methods is that in the initial position of all fingers (except large) are located on certain keys and other keys typed by the fingers, which are easier to obtain. Daily and patient work with these simulators will help you master the most important - the ability to touch-type without looking at the keyboard. This will involve all the fingers.
When you learn the most important, it is necessary to consolidate the acquired skills. This can be done through regular training - printing large amounts of text. If you are bored simple set, you can relax and practice on "Klavogonkah." This exciting game will help in the difficult process of learning and retention.
In addition, substantial support will be easy for you to communicate in a network, where you need to type a simple everyday information. As often as possible, use the power of the Internet: rewritten in chat rooms and social networks, forums, send e-mail. Remember, your patience and hard work is required to bring results.
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