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For starters, what ergo backpack (sometimes referred to as the sling-backpack)? Species slings vast. Ergo is a backpack, as well as any sling, means for carrying the baby on the mother's body. Ergo backpack is different in that it does not need to learn to tie, just pull up at the desired size (and their children) all the webbing. You just dress bag, put the baby latches and a clasp-fasteksy. Vsyo can go.
Why do I need ergo backpack? Variants of situations where it may come in handy, very much. Consider a few examples.

Often kids are experiencing cramps, like to sleep on my stomach in my mother's upright. For the mother it is not very convenient. Here comes to the rescue and ergo backpack. You can fasten it even has the sleeping baby. The kid will sleep in close contact with your favorite hot mom, mom and myself at this time will be able to make their case: eat, hanging your laundry, etc.

Another use Ergo backpack if your child likes to fall asleep in his arms, you can put him in a backpack and rock sitting on fitball. It is very convenient and allow your arms to rest. The entire burden of the baby's weight is distributed over the back and waist. Young mothers who are almost constantly in the baby's hands will appreciate this plus ergo backpack.

If your house has no elevator or your stroller is very solid for a short hike to the nearest shop to you will also be convenient to use Ergo backpack. The same can be said about the trip to the clinic. When you go to the reception to the pediatrician by public transport, you can easily resort to using ergo backpack. You do not have to bring the stroller in transport, which, unfortunately, is not provided for this. And the clinic itself you will have free hands.

The situation in the ergo-backpack is different from a kangaroo that is safe for the baby. In the kangaroo carry the entire burden falls on the hip and tailbone child that is harmful to fragile bones and joints of the baby. The ergo-position of the baby backpack is the same as when you hold a baby in her arms. But while your hands are absolutely free. If you have several children, you can safely keep the older hand, while the youngest will be firmly fixed on your stomach or back.

When the baby is old enough, and you want to take it on family trips to nature, you can fasten it to the back or the Pope himself. So the child will be beautiful to see all around. So you can go long distances than a stroller or simply on foot.

These are just examples of the use of bright neskolno ergo backpack. But they well show that the purchase of ergo backpack can be very useful for the young mother. You will spend the money to buy it only once and serve it to you will be a few years.

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