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You will need
  • - Artichokes;
  • - salt;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - olive oil;
  • - vinegar.
Wash artichokes under running water. Cut the stem about one-third so that the vegetable-stayed only a short stump. Remove damaged leaves and rough. Immediately salt slices or soak them in lemon juice so they do not darken.
Place the artichokes in a large enamel pot and cover with cold water, the water should completely cover the vegetables. Put the pan on the fire. After boiling water cook artichokes for 25-30 minutes. Ready artichokes easily pierced with a fork, as the scales are softened; vegetables change color - they have an olive color.
While the artichokes are cooked, take them a simple sauce. Pour into a small container of olive oil (3 parts) and vinegar (1 part), add salt to taste. Beat the mixture with a fork and pour it into saucers.
Set the table with dessert spoons, forks, knives, put a plate waste. Prepare and napkins, as almost all artichoke eaten with the fingers. Serve the artichokes ready on the table.
During the meal, cut the artichoke stem from harsh outer layer with a knife. Sami eat artichokes, removing his hands alternately all scales, which are very tasty thickened lower tip and a layer of pulp on the inside. Hold the tip of the fingers, flake dip into the sauce, then put in your mouth and pressing the teeth, dragged, squeezing the flesh. The pulp can be scraped with a spoon.
After the flakes are eaten, take in a bag artichoke bud and remove it. With a cloth, remove them under the cilia. Bud and the cilia in food are not used, they should be discarded. The rest, the most delicious part of the artichoke - bottom of a fleshy receptacle is eaten with a knife and fork.
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