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Most importantly - vocabulary. He must be constantly replenished, we should learn new words every day. Periodically let his students new words that you will use this as a lesson to them it was easier to teach them. To simplify the use of memorizing cards - on one side of a word will be written in the same language, and the other - in another language.
Next in importance is the ability to speak and construct sentences. The ability to engage in dialogue with the equivalent grammar, and these two trends are impossible one without the other. In order to properly combine these two areas you need to practice oral twenty percent consisted of a repetition of grammar, passed in class. It is advisable to use as often as possible dialogues, so that students can practice in the development of speech.
How much practice speaking and retellings. Choose a topic that is interesting to students and try to provoke them dialogue is in the language in which you are now studying. Remember that the more they communicate in a language that you learn now, the better they will learn it.
Practice listening and viewing video recordings in the language that you are studying. Try as much as possible to use the record in order to check the level of students - so you will achieve better results in the fact that they have raised their own language to the desired level.
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