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Get rid of the illusion that you can obtain a flat stomach in a short time. Start your way to the perfect body with writing a plan to get rid of belly fat. After writing the plan, determine the time at which you record the results of their work. Analyze your progress, replace unproductive exercise other types of workouts.
Try to drink more water. Water - a source of vitality and energy. Increase your daily amount you drink and you will feel less hunger and energy. Bottle of water should always be near you, wherever you are.
Eliminate from your diet junk food, fast food, this food is incompatible with perfect beautiful body. Do not allow yourself to make exceptions or on holidays or on weekends. Replace such food something useful, such as vegetables or fruit.
Do exercises with weighting. Training with the extra weight is very effective for abdominal muscles. Do not limit training only regular abdominal exercises, practice with the weighting, and you will soon see results.
Try to work on different muscle groups. To tighten the abdomen, do not forget about other muscle groups. In your training you must do the exercises on the buttocks and hands, which help make the stomach flat.
Do not forget about cardio. This can be running, jumping rope, swimming or walking, the choice is yours. Such exercises should be done at least five times a week.
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