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Buy special care products for oily skin. They are good clean pores and a few narrow them. Use not only gel for washing, but also a tonic to the effect was stronger. Clean your skin twice a day.
Use the scrub twice a week, and if necessary three. It is desirable that its composition was menthol, since it is slightly off skin tones and pores. Also, abrasive particles removes dead skin cells and stimulate the epithelium to upgrade, thereby aligned and the facial skin.
Dissolve the clay in warm water. With a brush or your fingertips to apply it on the face, avoiding the eye area. Hold for about 15 minutes, then wash with cool water and wipe face tonic and apply a cream that tightens pores (for oily and problematic skin). Make a mask out of clay a day or twice a week.
Every day, wipe your face with a slice of lemon or cucumber. If you have the desire, then do toning lotion alone. Squeeze the juice from the fruit, mix in equal proportions. 100 ml of juice add 30-50 ml rubbing alcohol. The resulting lotion replace anyone, even the most expensive facial toner.
Whisk one protein and add a little lemon juice. The resulting mass is put on the face and hold for about 20 minutes. Wash and use your favorite cream. The procedure is performed several times a week.
If all domestic procedures have not yielded the desired results, please refer to the beautician. With the help of modern technology can be sanded skin. You will be offered several options to get rid of enlarged pores: chemical or mechanical peeling.
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