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Bail is a separate measure of restraint that may be imposed only by a court with the appropriate application. The essence of this measure is to bring interested parties of certain assets (cash, bonds, property) for the deposit of the court, after which the suspect or the accused is released from arrest. In this manner on the release face superimposed obligation to immediately appear before the investigative or judicial authorities on the first call, the proper conduct and the absence of new illegal acts. Failure to comply with these obligations may result in collateral circulation in the income of the state budget, the replacement of the preventive measure on a more rigorous.

How to get bail?

Addressing bail criminal procedural law within the exclusive competence of the court. At the same time for such a decision requires treatment with a special petition, which records requested, offered a certain amount of collateral other assets. Submit a request can be at any stage of the investigation or trial, in all cases, judicial authorities are obliged to consider it. The petition may be submitted by the accused himself or by others who are willing to pay a deposit. In reviewing that request by the court takes into account many factors, including the severity of the offense, the behavior and characteristics of the person, the presence of his social commitment, the ability to influence the course of the investigation while on liberty.

How much to offer as collateral?

The most common collateral stakeholders offered cash. The exact amount of the bond is established judicial act, which contains the decision on the appointment of the measure. Keep in mind that the law imposed restrictions on the minimum amount of collateral, which can not be less than one hundred thousand rubles for the crimes the small, moderate, and can not be less than five hundred thousand rubles for those crimes that are categorized as serious, very serious. Restrictions on the maximum amount of collateral law does not provide. Judicial act, which establishes a preventive measure in the form of collateral, must be performed by the person concerned within seventy-two hours after its issuance.
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