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Women concerned about weight loss question may use the leeks in their diets. It consists mainly of water, so has a very low caloric value. But its high nutritional value: it contains sugar, vitamins, proteins, minerals and substances - such as potassium.

When losing weight eating leeks convenient because it is able to quickly satisfy your hunger, but it at least calories and taste very nice, delicious. This bow and you can cook and cook and preserve, it is perfectly suited for use as raw and in dried and frozen form, and from the scarcity of dietary diet do not have to suffer. If you want to lose weight or simply avoid the formation of extra kilos, certainly include in your diet this product.

You can cook leek very simple dietary meals. For example, a salad. Several stalks of onions should be cleaned and dipped in boiling water for five minutes. Then get it, cool and cut into, for fueling use soy vinegar. You can spice up a salad to taste.

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