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In the form of ointments, lotions and gel formulation is used to improve regeneration of dermal tissue burns, cuts, abrasions and scratches. Also, the drug promotes healing of varicose ulcers, pressure ulcers, inflammation resulting from radiation exposure. "Aktovegin" can also be used for treating the surface of the cornea and sclera treatment of injuries. Also, the drug can ipolzovat after transplantation of the cornea and applied as a prophylactic agent in patients who wear contact lenses.

In the form of injections "Aktovegin" allows the treatment of disorders of cerebral and peripheral circulation - ischemia, traumatic brain injury, angiopathy of the arteries, leg ulcers. Introduction means can be carried out during the procedure skin transplantation and for the healing chemical and other types of burns. "Aktovegin" is effective when a pressure ulcers and radiation damage to mucous membranes, skin, and nervous tissue. In the form of pills means used for maintenance therapy in the treatment of circulatory problems.


The gel should be applied several times a day with a thin layer to the affected area. If necessary, treatment of ulcers is possible to apply a larger amount of the drug, and then closing the area compress or gauze bandage with ointment. The cream is used to heal festering wounds and ordinary. The ointment is applied, if necessary, the accelerated recovery of the epithelial layer of the skin and in the treatment of severe ulcerative lesions of the skin. The ointment is used in the last stage after treatment "Actovegin" in the form of a gel and a cream.

In the treatment of diseases of the eye gel to be applied 1-2 drops 1-3 times daily. The duration of therapy of existing disease depends on the nature of damage and should be determined by your doctor.

"Aktovegin" is used in the form of injections, intramuscularly, intravenously or arterially. It is also possible to assign the agent in solution for infusion by diluting with sodium chloride or glucose. Ordinary single dose of 10-20 ml. Subsequently carried out maintenance therapy drug in a dosage of 5 ml several times a week or daily (depending on the evidence). For dilution of 200-300 ml dropper used basic solution. The infusion rate of about 2 ml per minute.

Among contra funds may be noted hypersensitivity to the drug. It is forbidden to assign the use of the infusion solution "Actovegin" heart failure, pulmonary edema, anuria, oliguria and fluid retention in the body.
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