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The size and functionality - important selection criteria

First of all, when choosing a manicure table should pay attention to its size. During operation, the master takes a lot of different materials and tools. All of them should be placed loosely on top. Consequently, manicure table should be large enough.

It is desirable that the table was equipped with a significant amount of drawers and compartments. They will be required to store temporarily unused paints, lotions, nail files and tweezers and other tools. In addition to the drawers in a complete set of good manicure table must include: roller, special reading lamps and stand under the varnish.

What material is preferable?

Manicure table must be made of high quality and durable material that is easy to clean. It is advisable to select a table from a material which is resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants, as it often have to handle special solution for the maintenance of cleanliness.

Perhaps the best option would be the manicure table with glass or plastic tabletop. Such a surface can be easily processed and cleaned every day.

Pricing and additional attributes

An important criterion for the selection of professional equipment for nail polish is its price. The more "bloat" has a table, and the greater its cost. It is very important to decide what you need it to work. The value affects the number of drawers, surface material, additional accessories, equipment and dimensions of the table, as well as the brand. Some people consider it inappropriate to overpay for the brand and prefer to choose the model of lesser-known producers.

Do not forget about the additional equipment. Most tables are available with two chairs included. One of them is used by the master, and the other - the customer. It is important to note that the chairs were the most comfortable stay.

Manicure table with the aesthetic point of view

Manicure table must match the overall design of the room in which it is located, and beneficial to emphasize the interior cabinet. The workplace can make a customer is not very good impression, and it just goes to another room. So, presentable manicure table - a pledge of successful work of the master.
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