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The birth of Lutheranism: the protest of one man

In the 15-16 centuries, the Catholic Church is actively practiced the sale of indulgences - the documents, dispensing all the sins of their customers. At the same time it was building a grand cathedral of St. Peter. The Church is in need of additional funds. Pope Leo X punish the monks increase sales letters.

In the early 16th century in the town of Wittenberg (Germany) turned Dominican monk, actively carrying out the mandate of the Pope. "Sale" of indulgences outraged professor of theology and the Augustinian monk Martin Luther. On the door of the local church immediately appeared a piece in which the servant of God wrote the 95 theses. Each of them rejected the possibility of the remission of sins so easy and profitable way to Rome.

This Act has not been welcomed by the Catholic Church, as Leo X asked him to bring Luther to the proceedings. Monk helped to escape, and he began to formulate his own understanding of faith and religion. At the same time, Luther was excommunicated and outlawed.

Lutheranism: the basis of creed - Scriptures

Martin Luther gradually created a new trend within Christianity. The main source of doctrine he believed the Scriptures. Icons, the cult of saints, church buildings were perceived them as a kind of hoax to distract from the main thing - faith.

Europe supported the monk reformer. Believers have openly declared the protest directed against the enrichment of the top Catholic churches and excessive pomp. Protestantism became the third direction of the Christian religion (the first two - Orthodoxy and Catholicism). Its main branch is considered to Lutheranism, which began with Martin Luther.

The Lutheran Church is a community of Christian believers, each of which can independently turn to God, without the help of the clergy. Priests are necessary only for fulfillment of divine services and sermons. In Lutheranism it recognized only two sacraments: baptism and communion.

Lutheranism has denied receiving grace and forgiveness of sins through the church. It is believed that the saved can only be the one who carries in his heart the true faith. Those who will try their own efforts to win God's favor by driving only a righteous life, is not truly a believer.

Lutheran churches look very ascetic. This religious direction has no monks, monasteries, saints, does not honor the Mother of God and preaches self-study and interpretation of the Bible. Today is the main religion of Lutheranism in Germany and Scandinavia. Also, it is widespread in the Baltic States and the United States, where competition is Catholicism.
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