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The funds from the deposit can only be obtained after a formalized certificate which clearly spelled out the right to inherit a specific person. In the absence of such a document is a will, the succession of bank deposits will be in accordance with the civil and family law. This helps ensure that the right approach to solving the problems related to matters of inheritance. For example, in the case of the death of one of the spouses is located in a registered marriage, inheritance will be subject not only to the deceased personally owned property, but also the part that was his share of the jointly acquired during marriage. This also applies to such a legacy as cash deposits in the Savings Bank.

In some cases, it may be necessary to protect the property, which belonged to the deceased and to be inherited. For example, it may be decided to subscribe to a cell in the bank to save documents on the deposit. The costs that would be required for this can be offset by the legacy and within its cost. In this case, the heir to the opportunity before six months has expired, adopted under the law, contact the financial institution that contains the contributions.

You can get ahead of the money to organize the burial of the deceased and to ensure the protection of ancestral property. To do this will take design decisions to grant funds. To obtain such a document, refer to the notary at the address where the opening is carried out inheritance rights. Obtaining bank deposits is possible only after the document presented.

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